MAC on the Move

By Ann Craig
Director of Exhibits and Public Programs and Liaison to the Museum Advisory Council 
Museum of Natural and Cultural History 

Two new members, Clarence Williams and Mike Moratto, joined the Museum Advisory Council in 2020. Clarence is retired from the United States Army, 82nd Airborne Division, and received his bachelor’s degree in education studies, family and consumer sciences / human sciences communications from the University of Oregon in 2003. He then went on to serve as public relations representative at Jasper Mountain, an Oregon nonprofit serving the needs of emotionally disturbed children and their families. In addition to his work with the MAC, Clarence currently serves as senior board member and director at Oregon Black Business Alliance Foundation and as the director of development and strategic planning at Veterans Legacy of Oregon.

Mike is a retired university professor and corporate executive who has devoted his career to studies of past environments and peoples in the American West. He is a Fellow of the California Academy of Sciences and past president of both regional and national archaeological societies. He has served on the California State Historical Resources Commission, National Science Foundation’s Advisory Panel for Archaeology, and a national panel on museum/Native American relations.

The museum is honored to welcome these distinguished individuals to the MAC. Their perspectives, input, and guidance have already proven to be great assets to our work.

The museum's strategic plan document, whose cover shows the giant mammoth sculpture in the MNCH courtyard

Download the strategic plan extension.

Longtime museum supporter and retired deputy superintendent at Eugene School District 4J, David Piercy continues to serve as the council chair, while retired KLCC development director Cheryl Crumbly serves as vice chair. These esteemed leaders and other members of the MAC executive committee are steadily progressing through the goals laid out in their three-year plan. Over the summer, Piercy and retired MNCH director of development and public programs Patty Krier helped bring to life the museum’s new Institutional Strategic Plan extension—a core document that will guide museum operations through the uncertainties and opportunities of the pandemic era. My deepest thanks to them and to the entire MAC for their efforts on this important project.

Finally, I’d like to extend a special thanks to the MAC’s immediate past co-chairs Andy McWilliams and Patty Krier for their dedicated leadership. Andy brought decades of community service experience to the role as well as a deep sense of stewardship toward Oregon’s irreplaceable McKenzie River region, while Patty’s nearly lifelong service to the museum has offered unparalleled perspective to the council’s work. I am so grateful for their service and look forward to their continued partnership as MAC members.

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Header image: MAC members Marli Miller (left) and Patty Krier


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